Our Objectives

The objective of the Family Law Pathways Network is to is to foster strong links with locally based providers, who operate as part of or alongside the family law system, to enhance collaboration and improve overall assistance to separated and separating families.

We do this by promoting awareness of services for separated families in the Central Coast region and facilitating cross-sector training for professionals from legal and social services.

The Central Coast Family Law Pathways Network is funded by the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department and auspiced by Interrelate.

Our Objectives

Family Law Pathways Network - Vision & Structure

Family Law Pathways Network Central Coast Team

The Central Coast Family Law Pathways Network (CCFLPN) aims to support and resource professionals working within or alongside the Family Law System to achieve the best outcomes for separating families.The Central Coast FLPN aims to support the Family Law Sector to enhance outcomes for our clients. Our purpose is to create a clear pathway for separating families who are navigating the Family Law system. We are guided by a steering committee who are dedicated to implementing our strategic plan. The Central Coast FLPN has complied a local Service Directory to support service awareness and referrals.The Central Coast FLPN encourages all professionals working with separating families to join with us in learning and networking.The objectives of the Family Law Pathways Network are:a) establish and maintain strong links with:i. locally based providers;ii. agencies working in areas associated with the family law system, in particular mental health, drug and alcohol services;iii. agencies working in areas associated with family violence and child protection; iv. Indigenous and CALD services; and the Family Law Courts.b) Develop and maintain appropriate referral mechanisms between locally based organisations operating as part of or alongside the family law system.c) Develop and maintain shared understanding of the roles of network members and key organisations in the family law system.d) Develop and maintain awareness of products, services and training available to members.e) Develop and maintain cross-sector training to help build stronger working relationships across the family law system.f) Develop and maintain ways to share information within the Network where appropriate.
The steering committee will be made up of a broad range of representatives from organisations operating in the family law system as agreed by the existing committee. The Steering Committee must be made up of at least six members, five of whom are independent of the auspice organisation.
Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is made up of a broad range of Central Coast representatives from organisations operating in or alongside the family law system.

The role of the Steering Committee is to further the objective of the Network by:

  • Developing an annual Strategic Work Plan of activities
  • Developing a budget for the financial year
  • Meeting quarterly to progress the Strategic Plan

If you are interested in joining the Committee to build stronger working relationships between legal and social services who work with separated families on the Central Coast please contact us at centralcoast@flpn.com.au to apply.


Strategic Work Plan

The CCFLPN promotes awareness of services through
• quarterly steering committee meetings
• fostering diverse network membership members from the private sector, funded family law services and other community services for separated families
• an online service directory
• distribution of family law information via digital communication and face-to-face events including a quarterly e-newsletter and member meetings
• targeted initiatives focused on promoting awareness of services for people with vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds

CCFLPN conducts an annual program of training events including
• an annual member dinner
• forums on specific family separation topics
• cross-sector training for both legal and community services
• a national webinar series


Our Team

The Steering Committee members for 2023-24 are:

Name / Position
Lina Nguyen, Chair
Pactum Dispute Resolution
Alicia McAleer, Vice Chair
Jonathon Wenman, Treasurer
Eleni Bailey
International Social Service Australia
Jacqui Bilson
Bilson Law
Alexandra Richardson
Legal Aid NSW
Michelle Schumacher and
Amber Cheney
Bungree Aboriginal Association
Belinda Harris
Sue Winter                       Uniting
Sarah Samild, Project Officer