events Family Law Pathways Network
Annual Dinner 21 March 2024

21 March 2024

The main networking event of the year for the Central Coast Family Law Pathways Network.

events Family Law Pathways Network
Central Coast Members Meeting

29 August 2023

A quarterly online interagency meeting of family law and family separation support services in the Central Coast NSW region.


Family Law Pathways Network - Gosford Events

FLPN Central Coast Membership & Network Events

The Central Coast Family Law Pathways Network (CCFLPN) aims to support and resource professionals working within or alongside the Family Law System to achieve the best outcomes for separating families.The Central Coast FLPN aims to support the Family Law Sector to enhance outcomes for our clients. Our purpose is to create a clear pathway for separating families who are navigating the Family Law system. We are guided by a steering committee who are dedicated to implementing our strategic plan. The Central Coast FLPN has complied a local Service Directory to support service awareness and referrals.The Central Coast FLPN encourages all professionals working with separating families to join with us in learning and networking.The objectives of the Family Law Pathways Network are:a) establish and maintain strong links with:i. locally based providers;ii. agencies working in areas associated with the family law system, in particular mental health, drug and alcohol services;iii. agencies working in areas associated with family violence and child protection;iv. Indigenous and CALD services; and the Family Law Courts.b) Develop and maintain appropriate referral mechanisms between locally based organisations operating as part of or alongside the family law system.c) Develop and maintain shared understanding of the roles of network members and key organisations in the family law system.d) Develop and maintain awareness of products, services and training available to members.e) Develop and maintain cross-sector training to help build stronger working relationships across the family law system.f) Develop and maintain ways to share information within the Network where appropriate.
The steering committee will be made up of a broad range of representatives from organisations operating in the family law system as agreed by the existing committee. The Steering Committee must be made up of at least six members, five of whom are independent of the auspice organisation. The role of the Steering Committee is to further the Purpose and Objectives of the Network by:•Developing a Strategic Work Plan in June/July of each year to progress the objectives of the Network (subject to funding renewal);•Developing a budget/s for the financial year (subject to funding renewal);•Meeting bi-monthly at a place and time to be determined at each meeting to progress the Strategic Plan.
The CCFLPN will focus on expanding network membership through liaising with local organisations throughout the year. The CCFLPN will send out correspondence to network members by way of seasonal newsletters with relevant information. It will act as a service update and informational service for members and will inform members about changes in the family law sector, resources and materials, conference and training opportunities and provide information on local service providers for practitioners.  It includes a local contact list.  In addition to a ‘spotlight on’ an individual network member, each newsletter features a ‘spotlight on’ a local service to enhance the network’s knowledge of other agencies and improve referrals amongst members.  CCFLPN will offer 6-7 online discussion forums a year where guest speakers will present information from their professions to the network on topics raised by the FLPN committee. The CCFLPN will hold an Annual Dinner with guest presenters to provide a chance for networking between both the legal and social sectors. Training opportunities will be available to the FLPN network.


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